Testing a C-TEQ Panel

How To Test Your Fire Alarm

  1. First if you have a red isolation key switch close to the fire alarm panel place the key in and turn to the isolation position, the switch should now be bleeping every two seconds. (Please note if you do not have an isolation switch please contact immediately on 01827 280000)Fire alarm 1
  2. With the isolation switch on take your fire alarm call point key to a call point in your building.Fire alarm 2
  3. Insert the key into the call point releasing the glass thus setting off the alarm. This is normally found on the underside of the Red call point.

If You Have A Key For Your Control Panel

  1. Put the key into the fire panel and turn, this activates level 1 access. You should now see a new LED light come on called “accessed”. This should be towards the bottom right of the fire panel on the top row fourth lamp to the right.
  2. Now press the silence sounder key which is usually highlighted red on newer panels.
  3. Now press the silence internal sounder, which is usually highlighted in white on newer panels.
  4. Now check to see if there are any “Red” Lights lit up in the Zone areas. If there is you need to make sure that the call point has the glass reinstated with the key removed.
  5. Once all alarms have been silenced the panel will need to be reset, to do this press the Control Panel Reset button which is usually highlighted in green on newer panes only.
  6. Now remove the key from the fire panel the “Accessed” light should now be out.
  7. After all alarms are clear you can now remove the key from the Isolation switch.
  8. This test has to be done once a week each time on a different device.

If You Do Not Have A Key For Your Panel

  1. There should be a code on the fire panel itself, the generic code for the C-TEQ panels is 2134 this code will give you first level access to the fire panel, and from here follow the above points from 2 to 7.
  2. If you have neither key or code please call CTS for assistance on 01827 280000.
  3. Please record the results of your test on the forms provided on our website


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