Intruder Detection

Burglary & Intruder

We provide specially designed burglar alarm and services for a variety of small and medium commercial organistaion as well as large corporate enterprises.

Our security alarms systems effectively deter intruders and protect your most valuable assets, whilst ensuring your insurance and legislation needs are met by conforming to British and European standards as an NSI Gold Approved organisation.

How Can We Protect Your Business?

We have various methods available to to protect your business from intruders and keep your properties, products and client relationships safe.

Alarm Response 24/7We offer you 24/7/365 monitoring from a team of specialists at our nominated monitoring station, they will respond to all alarms activations regardless of the time of day.

Burglar Alarm MonitoringIn the event of an intruder gaining access to your property, not only do the alarms sound, but a message is sent from the detector to our alarm monitoring centre. It’s from here they can see where exactly the alarm has been triggered and can act accordingly.
Internal ProtectionOur internal detectors, sensors and surveillance cameras can protect specific areas within your business, whether it be a reception area, server room or a car park.

Perimeter ProtectionWe can also secure the perimeter of your premises from intruders gaining unauthorised entry. We offer you a wide range of detectors and sensors that can be fitted to windows, doors, gates and even floors.
Personal Attack MonitoringWe can provide your employees with personal attack alarms that work in the same way as if an alarm is triggered by an intruder breaking a window. If at any point one of your employees or customers feels threatened, they can activate their alarm and will respond immediately.
High Security Signalling Path SecurityWe offer you the chance to be covered by Grade 4 dual path alarm monitoring systems that will signal an alarm upon activation or even when the telephone line has been cut. A variety of signalling paths can be provided including GPRS, PSTN, GSM & IP as well as 24hr 2-way monitoring.
Anti Theft Fog SystemsWe can provide you with a wide range of anti-theft fog solutions. If an intruder gains access to your property, rather than just an alarm and response, we can fit detectors that will release fog into the area. This not only deters intruders but also makes it difficult for them to steal any items they were after.

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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