Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control

Access control systems are electronic security solutions installed to manage the flow of people into, around and out of buildings. You decide who can go enter a particular door and can customise each individual’s access.

We offer 3 different types of access control, ranging from access through a single door to covering an entire office block:

Basic access control security alarm systems are typically installed to protect a single door and include audio entry systems, video entry systems or keypad/PIN devices.

Standalone access control systems comprise of a small network of card readers controlled by local door controllers.

Networked or PC-based access control systems comprise of a front-end PC connected to a network of door controllers and card readers

How Can We Protect Your Business?

Access Control SystemsOur stand alone access systems offer your business protection on either single or multiple entry points. Although this is a standalone system, it is scalable by number, if you wish to secure more doors or add more card holders.
Visitor Management SystemsThe visitor management solutions enable you to keep record of every individual that enters your place of work, the areas they can go and statistics about entry and such.
Identity Management SolutionsIdentity management software we offer you enables you to create identity cards on site. These cards can be used to authorise employees, visitors and contractors around your place of work, and prevent people from entering unauthorised areas.
Smart Cards & BiometricsSmart card technology enables users to carry a single card with a multitude of uses, such as access control, cashless vending or to manage secure PC sign-on. Biometric solutions use a person's unique characteristics such as a fingerprint, to determine access, providing a high level of security as the access credentials are difficult to replicate.
Multiple Site Integration We offer a range of access control solutions that are easily integrated with other security systems (CCTV and Intruder) as well as with other business applications. With an integrated solution, the access control system becomes the hub or focal point of an organisations electronic security infrastructure.
Time & Attendance SystemsTime and attendance software enables you to keep track of your employees, when they clock in and clock out, and where in the building they have been on any particular day. This system can also be integrated directly into a payroll system, providing you with the exact time they have worked.

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