Employee & Customer Monitoring


Designed to look and feel like a normal ID cardholder, Identicom is always with the worker and within immediate reach should an issue arise. Identicom uses mobile phone technology but unlike a phone can be activated discreetly ensuring that no suspicion is raised. Trying to use a mobile phone to raise an alarm can often inflame an already difficult situation and may even be the spark that creates a flashpoint.

Once activated Identicom can open a call to our 24/7 monitoring station where the call can be managed, recorded*, listened to and if necessary escalated with an immediate response. Text messages can also be sent directly to colleagues.


Romad have over the last four years invested several millions of pounds to develop what is now widely regarded as a simple to implement and easy to use, reliable solution. Utilising GPS based technology which interacts with leading alarm receiving software or with Romad’s own hosted monitoring software platform, the RSP-100’s equips employers to know exactly where their lone workers are when they need assistance.

The RSP-100 is the first Lone Worker Protection device to be truly compliant with the recently published British Standard 8484 code of practice.

The Romad RSP-100’s small size and light weight, (it weighs just 62.5g with the standard battery attached), means it can be worn on a lanyard or clipped to a belt. Simple over the air commands are used to configure the device, providing 4 pre-programmable speed dial numbers and a rugged SOS alert button. One of the pre-allocated speed dial numbers, for example, allows lone workers to leave a recorded message when they arrive at an appointment. This message is safely stored on the Romad server and can be quickly retrieved if the user is out of contact or if there is concern for their  welfare.

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