Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke Alarms

When fire strikes your business you must be able to react immediately.  Not having the correct facilities and equipment in place can help a fire spread and cause detrimental damages. Not only does fire inevitably detroy buildings, it causes serious injury and loss of life, fire is a phenominon that should be treated seriously.

Impact On Your Business

Fire & Smoke can have detrimental effects on a business. The obvious effects; damage to property, loss of stock, serious injury and even loss of lives. All of which can leave even the largest and most established business floundering in the aftermath. The effect that is not always considered, is how your customers will react to it? If your holding important information as a backup for another company, and this is completely destroyed in a fire, despite fault and blame confidence is often lost.


A Fire can have a detrimental effect on a business and in fact 80% of businesses affected by fire go bankrupt. UK Fire and Rescue Services attended 722,000 incidents in 2008/9 with fires tradgically claiming 430 lives (, 2009)

To view the solutions available to combat these risks, please see Fire & Life Safety.

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