Loss of Assets

Loss of Assets

Every business has different levels of authority that can access different areas and resources, and that doesnt just mean employess that also includes intruders too. Somethimes, if an employee ‘gets their hands’ on particular resources or into restricted areas, it can be worse than an intruder. Failure to protect your most valuble assets and resources can cause issues ranging from an inconvenience to catastrophic. 

Impact On Your Business

Not protecting your most valuble assets can often have catastrophic consequences. Example: Imagine you have an in-house server, where your company stores it’s entire collection of information, including employee records and bank account information and it is based in a room with no security. If an intruder or an employee gained access, they could view, steal and clone all records.

This could potentially destroy your employees lives, but worse still, could cause your customers to lose faith in you. Ultimately you could end up losing your employees and your customers, which supports the statistic that 80% of businesses facing a critical disaster, fail. (ABI, 2009).


Losing Assets Can Have Long Lasting and Detrimental Effects

According to a 2009 publication by the National Retail Federation, employee theft was responsible for 44 percent of losses in 2008, adding up to £99.4 billion in losses for businesses. Employees stole more than shoplifters!

To view the solutions available to combat these risks, please see CCTV & Video Surveillance or Electronic Access Control.


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