Burglary & Intruder

Burglary & Intruder

Chaser Technical Services intruder and burglary protection systems help to ensure that your people, property and assets are protected 24 hours a day from unwelcome intruders.  Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to burglars and an assured response when required.

Our flexible systems can be integrated into your business to meet your specific requirements. This ensures that you get the alarm detection systems you require and gives you the peace of mind to leave your Business at the end of a working day.

Impact on Your Business

This can affect your business both economically and psychologically. The cost of repairing and replacing damaged items and stock is often very expensive, but is nothing compared to losing customers through lack of trust and dependability on you.

This business caught a burglar in action with a security camera, it shows how thieves operate and the path destruction they leave in the path. Taking the appropriate security measures can ensure you minimise the risks of Intruders, as much as possible.

Unfortunately theft and vandalism is a potential risk for any business, regardless of size or produce. It can and does have a huge impact on commercial property; in 2008 to 2009 almost 300,000 properties were burgled (Home Office, July 2009).

To view the solutions available to combat these risks, please see Intruder Detection.

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